Let's build

aitects is a Dutch design studio developing innovative, sustainable and beautiful architecture at all scales.

ai (爱) is love in Chinese. We spent many beautiful years in Shanghai, and we decided to record our love for architecture in our name. 

Our goal is to use our unique expertise and skills to develop amazing renovation, commercial and public designs. From interior and private houses to large commercial and urban intervention, aitects provides architectural services internationally.

What we do

Identity and Strategy

Providing creative solutions in recognizing and uncovering what makes your brand unique and desirable and using that to drive a coherent architectural vision, targeting the desired audience in trasformation projects.


Bringing knowledge and design expertise to your team when joining for temporary special projects. Following interior and architecture designs from the feasibility and conceptual phase until construction, integrating all the aspects of complex buildings.


Using expertise in graphic, interior and architectural design to envision unique spaces with a strong visual identity. Introducing recognizable spatial elements to translate your vision into architecture.

What we stand for


At aitects sustainable means taking a holistic approach to design. From social aspects to materials, carbon emissions to material waste, every aspect of a project is worth taking into account.

Causing 39% of global CO2 emissions, buildings are still the biggest polluters. To improve sustainability we are certified in using BREEAM as a toolbox with every design.

Effective Design

Every design choice we make in a building is going to affect the people enjoying it, so our starting point is the final user. We like to look at the bigger picture and design our buildings holistically, leaving the necessary room for creativity and innovation.

We are strong believers in simple, clean, elegant, budget-responsible solutions. But that doesn’t mean that the architecture we design isn’t also lively and fun! 

Tailored Approach

Each project has different starting conditions, approach and end result. We always build the main vision together with the client, adding to their requests with with our expertise. 

Sometimes the approach to the project is tackled as part of a formal research, other times the concept comes from a thorough analysis of the cultural, environmental and technical aspects. Occasionally the main idea comes unexpectedly from some external inspiration. 

Advanced Innovation

We are constantly researching for the newest technologies that can help us in our quest to design more efficiently and sustainably, prioritizing the health and mental wellbeing of the final users. 

We partner with specialists for insights into their knowledge and expertise, to maximize the effectiveness and to push the boundaries of our designs.


For over 10 years we have designed renovations, new commercial and public buildings in 16 countries over three continents before founding aitects.

We are experienced in delivering stunning user-focused architectural designs that win awards, inspire people and push our imagination further.

The bigger picture

We design with a global approach. Interacting with the different cultures, ideas and experiences of our diverse client base has allowed us to view architecture in the bigger picture. The people behind aitects have worked on projects assisting these businesses.

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