Wola Park Food Court

Year: 2023
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Program: Food court renovation
Client: Ingka Centres
Status: Under construction

The Wola Park shopping mall in Warsaw is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Situated on a prominent road west of the city center, it enjoys excellent connectivity with a nearby metro stop. Over the years, Wola Park has undergone several stages of development, encompassing various aspects such as branding, interior design principles, and renovations of key areas like the main public transportation entrance axis and the food court.

The underlying concept that permeates the entire mall is the idea of an “Urban Jungle.” This concept aims to reconnect Wola Park with its historical location adjacent to the Ulrich Gardens, which once housed Poland’s first glasshouses for tropical plants and fruit during the 1800s and serves to inspire the community with collective ecological and natural values.

The Wola Park food court is divided into three distinct sections: Urban, Youth, and Family. Each area caters to a specific demographic and provides a unique atmosphere and dining experience. The Urban area spans 300 square meters and embraces the concept of the “urban jungle” inspiration. This section showcases the importance of nature in its design, creating an environment that brings the outdoors inside. To evoke the essence of the Ulrich Gardens, the urban area of the food court features a vase-shaped ceiling. This design element serves as a focal point, adding a touch of elegance and warmth while reinforcing the connection to nature.

The choice of materials, including wood, concrete, terracotta, and greenery, contributes to a more inviting environment. Wood brings warmth and a natural aesthetic, while concrete and terracotta add a contemporary touch. The incorporation of greenery enhances the overall ambiance, infusing the space with life and vitality.