Shimao Festival Plaza

Location:Shanghai, China
Program:58.000m2 Shopping Mall
Awards:ASSC, AP, AIA Shanghai and RIBA Comprehensive Platinum Pro+ Award, ICSC China Shopping Centre & Retailer Awards Gold Award, REARD Gold Prize, MIPIM Asia Awards: Best Refurbished Building
Located on the most important crossroad of Shanghai, the renovation and commercial redevelopment of this department store from the beginning of the 2000s is expressed from the interior to the exterior with the concept of a theater in which the client is the protagonist.
The creation of extra long escalators in the main plaza connects China’s showcase shopping street, Nanjing Road, to the upper floors of the mall, creating free public space in form of balconies from which it is possible to look down to the swarms of people passing by.
The whole shopping experience has been changed by bringing the vertical circulation to the facade, creating a visible system and enhancing clients to come inside, following the theater concept.