Wola Park Renewal

Location:Warsaw, Poland
Program:Identity Design Mall interior renovation of 1.200m²
Collaboration:Tconcept (Identity design)
Client:Ingka Centres
Wola Park, situated on a prominent road west of Warsaw’s city center, holds a significant position among the city’s top destination shopping malls. Its strategic location offers convenience to shoppers and visitors, with easy access facilitated by a nearby metro stop. Over time, Wola Park has evolved and expanded through various stages of development, encompassing multiple aspects to enhance the overall experience for its patrons.
The evolution of the Wola Park project involved a comprehensive approach, addressing different facets such as general branding, interior design principles, and the revitalization of key areas within the mall. From the initial stages of establishing a cohesive brand identity to defining overarching interior design concepts, the mall’s development aimed to create a unified and immersive shopping environment.
Central to the entire transformation of Wola Park is the underlying concept of an “Urban Jungle.” This concept serves as a powerful link between the mall and its historical roots in proximity to the iconic Ulrich Gardens, which once housed Poland’s pioneering glasshouses in the 1800s, renowned for their preservation of tropical plants and fruit. Although the original glasshouses no longer exist, their legacy lives on within Wola Park’s design, carefully manifested through the selection of materials, patterns and the chosen palette. The aim is to inspire the community by fostering a sense of collective ecological consciousness and appreciation for the natural world.
By embracing the “Urban Jungle” concept, Wola Park seeks to reconnect visitors with nature within an urban setting. The incorporation of green spaces, living elements, and natural motifs throughout the mall’s design provides a refreshing contrast to the bustling cityscape outside its walls. These design choices not only create visually appealing environments but also promote a soothing and inviting atmosphere, inviting shoppers to explore and engage with the space in a more meaningful way. Throughout the renovated Wola Park, elements reminiscent of the Ulrich Gardens and their glasshouses can be observed. The selection of materials, such as lush greenery, wood, and concrete, contributes to the creation of a harmonious blend between modern aesthetics and natural elements. This integration evokes a sense of tranquility and Scandinavian serenity while paying homage to the historical significance of the Ulrich Gardens.